About Me:

Hi, I’m Jaakko from Finland, film maker, drummer and a creative individual in many forms.

In recent years, I have been studying Finnish mythology and “the secret history of Finland” – tales from the past that might be either true or mythical. These stories often explore the strong ancient connection Finns have with nature, and you might find these kinds of vibes in the content I am currently creating.


Working with AI in 2024:

As a relatively new explorer of AI technology, I initially felt it might make us lazier (and it likely will). However, my perspective is shifting; I now see it more as a interesting opportunity. AI technology provides us, the everyday people, with more tools to tell our stories, share our visions, and elevate our production level.

I understand the challenges of turning creative ideas into reality, especially when working as a “one-man production team” like myself. When you barely just make it financially, how could you hire an actors for your movies?


I am experimenting with different AIs in brainstorming film scripts, creating and animating images, voiceover narrations, etc.


If you like the content I am creating and would like to support my film production journey, subscribe my YouTube channel and consider buying me a cup of coffee. Thank you!


Wishing you all the best in these bizarre times! 🕊

May good luck be with each and every one of us. 🍀

– J.A